Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heads or Tails - Ten Things

TAILS - List ten things staying within any category of your choosing.

I've been meaning to do this for a while. I have at least 10 email addresses:
  1. One with my ISP Earthlink
  2. One at Netscape.net
  3. Another one at Netscape.net
  4. One at Gmail
  5. Another one at Gmail
  6. One of those personalized aol email addresses where you get to pick your domain
  7. One at inbox.com - besides email, you get 5GB free file storage!
  8. One at myway.com - they don't give me enough storage, and it keeps filling up with spam, so I don't use that one much any more
  9. One at mail.com - I used that one for the longest time, but again, it filled up with spam, and they didn't give me enough storage.
  10. and, the one I use the most - my email at Yahoo! Unlimited storage! Quite a bit of spam, but they take care of it pretty well.
You didn't expect me to post my actual email addresses, did you? Mostly they are some variation of bcmom - unless they're not!

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  1. Ten emails? I get sick of the 1 I have sometimes!
    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Well, some of them I don't check very often...

    I just seem to sign up for everything! The fun part is figuring out which email I want to give out when someone asks for my email address.

  3. wow, that is a lot of email accounts. Have a great Tuesday.

  4. Wow, how do you keep track of all of them? I only have 3 but I forward my Comcast ones to my gmail account so I really only ever check that one. Oh and my work one, so 4 I guess. :)

  5. Wow that's a lotta email addys. I've also been married 21 years and have 2 teenage boys.

  6. Ten e-mails. I can't stand spam!!! I wish someone would make a "do not spam list" like a "do not call list"

    My head or tails up I'm a first time player.

  7. I have them at Excite, Hotmail, Gmail, and my IP. :)

  8. I have my hotmail which I use all the time and I have a yahoo but I only use that because you need a yahoo account to sign in to MyBlogLog now.

  9. If I include my work email I have four, oh and the ISP one, which I never use.

    Over the years I have loads more but have let them go for various reasons...

  10. Holy cow!!! TEN??? Did you honestly say 10??? I can't even keep up with ONE!

  11. I don't have quite that many, but the only one I check with consistency is my work email - I kinda have to... 8-) Happy H/T!!

  12. I have the same "problem": and I never check most of them. I wonder what is there . . . .

  13. Wow, that's quite a lot of monitoring to do.

    I'm late on my Ten Things but still made it. :)


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