Friday, October 12, 2007

Heroes and Villains

Cory really likes the Marvel Comics characters, mainly because of the recent movies featuring them. You know - Spider Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and the one we watched just the other night, Ghost Rider. I'm pretty sure he's read the comics, too. I think Spider Man is his favorite, but I'm just guessing that because of all the Spider Man t-shirts he has, and wears constantly. Except that he was really excited about the last Spider Man movie because his favorite character Venom was in that one. Never mind that Venom is a villain! That's another character he wanted to dress up as yesterday.

Today I saw this Marvel Heroes vs Villains Pinball Machine. Isn't that every guy's dream, to have a pinball machine in the basement? At least I thought it was at one time, however, I really don't know if Cory likes pinball games or not. I'm guessing that if he does, this one would be perfect for him. It does look like he would have to play on the side of the good guys, though - which I'd prefer. I mean, who really wants their teenage son pulling for the villains?

This pinball machine is on sale right now for $199 - that's marked down from the regular price of $399 - so it would be a good time to get it, if we're going to. Even if Cory didn't like it, I bet the other guy in the house would. He always used to like going to the arcade, and this would be practically like having your own arcade in the basement - or at least a pinball machine. That's like part of an arcade - with all the beeps, lights, bumpers and spinners.


  1. I remember going to the arcade as a kid. Do they even still have arcades?

  2. I'm tagging you with a meme about you and your hubby. :o)


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