Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mysterious Jawbreaker Mystery

the wall
The Wall
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The kids got out of school early, so Cory and I went shopping. It was nice having him along, even for something as mundane as buying groceries. The problem with taking Cory to the store is that he finds all kinds of things that he just has to have - things that I wouldn't ordinarily buy. At Pick 'n Save he found these chili lemon pistachios, so we got a few of those. Then he wanted Atomic Fireballs and some Jawbreakers. See, we have this amazing wall of bulk products to choose from. I like all the natural and organic grains and beans and cereals. Cory gravitates straight to the candy. I must admit that there was this one kind of ginger candy that I really liked, but they don't have it any more. Story of my life. If I like something, they will stop making it.

Anyway, here's the jawbreaker mystery. Cory took two jawbreakers out of the bin, typed the code number in, and placed one on the scale. The price came up $0.30. Then he put the other jawbreaker on the scale, along with the first one. Best guess, if one jawbreaker is $0.30, then two jawbreakers should be $0.60, right? Wrong! Two jawbreakers were $1.20. I wondered if maybe the 2nd jawbreaker was heavier than the first one, but it didn't matter which one he weighed first. The first one was always $0.30, and when the second one was added, the cost went up to $1.20. We never did figure out why this was happening, but we decided that he should weigh each one separately and print a label for each one, so we only had to pay $0.60 for the two instead of $1.20.

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