Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm Fabulous

Oops, almost missed this one! I would sure hate to miss this one. Tammy from Mom Knows Everything thinks I'm fabulous. I think she's pretty fabulous, too. I'm really glad we're friends.

The fabulous Mama Pajama gave me this award, too. I'm so glad I 'met' her!

This award was designed by Mike Wheeler of Ordinary Folks. If you would like to have a cool badge, award, or special profile picture created then contact the artist for his rates.

I'm passing this award on to these 4 bloggers who I think are fabulous, too:
  1. Kat (krikketgirl on LiveJournal)
  2. Frigga at Any Apples
  3. Diana at Lady Banana
  4. Andrée at me meeyauw


  1. You are totally FABULOUS! I've been visiting Lady Banana's blog for a while now and I never knew her name until I saw it here on the post. I feel a little silly for not knowing it so thanks for putting it on there! :o)

  2. WhhoooYayyy! That's really awesome of you, Thank You!! :P


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