Thursday, October 25, 2007

Free E-Cards

Jeffrey and I are so romantic. Instead of buying each other cards for our anniversary, sometimes we'll just shop the card section of the store together. When I find a card I like for him, I hand it to him. He reads it, and then I put it back. No need to actually buy the card. And he does the same for me. I'm ok with that. I'm not one of those mushy gushy romantic girls. I don't even like getting flowers - because they're just going to die anyway.

Besides just reading cards in the store, I like free e-cards, too. I think they are plenty romantic. And they're really good for those times when I don't get out anywhere to actually buy a card, and don't have time to actually get it in the mail. At e-romance, I can send fun and animated cards. they don't have to be all sentimental and gushy, but they're a great way to let someone know I'm thinking of them - and hopefully make them smile.

Since it's my friend Tammy's birthday, and I didn't know until right now, I think I'll go send her some Virtual Flowers. I bet she'll appreciate knowing I'm thinking of her.