Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Too Much Stuff

How do we manage to collect so much stuff? Besides the obvious - that we buy stuff and don't get rid of the stuff we already have. Luckily we have a basement, so we have room for all this stuff. But then again, maybe that's not so good because now we have no incentive to throw some of it away, or donate it to Goodwill or someone who can use it.

If we didn't have the basement, and we still didn't want to get rid of stuff, we'd have to find something like this wilmington nc self storage - Extra Attic. If you don't have enough room in your house for all the stuff, you can rent storage space there. They have a really handy storage guide to help figure out how much storage space you actually need and also some helpful tips on packing and preparing your items for storage. Extra Attic offers a secure, clean, and affordable solution to extra storage dilemmas. Plus - they have weathered all hurricanes without any leaks or water damage. After being in Florida following a hurricane, I've seen how important that can be!