Monday, October 29, 2007

State Competition at Whitewater

Marching Panthers on the fieldSpeaking of the band - they did really well at the State Competition last weekend. As you can see from the picture, it was a beautiful day. For those of you who were there last year, you know how much nice weather is appreciated!

I was planning to post the results and scores last week when I got them, but then I was hoping to do something with pictures first, which I haven't done yet. If I wait to put the pictures together like I want to, well, who knows how long that will be. So, results now and pictures later - one of these days.

Our band came in 4th! That is up from coming in 5th for the last two years, so that is good. And, they were only .55 points out of 3rd place. In percussion and visual presentation, they did rank 3rd, 4th in musical presentation, and auxiliary, well, that could have been better. Overall, the band did an outstanding job, and we're really proud of them. Their overall score was 65.45, which was even higher than the band director was hoping for. Go, Band!

Official results and recap