Friday, October 19, 2007

I Need a New Style

I really need to get a haircut, but I keep putting it off - because I don't know what I want to do. I've been trying to grow my hair out some. For years I had it pretty short. I liked it short. It was usually easy to take care of. But, I have a husband who is the typical guy who likes long hair. And my kids think I should grow my hair, too. So, I try. I know there's more to it than just letting it grow. I really want some kind of style.

My problem is always that I can't find a picture of a hairstyle I might like. Or, if I find a picture, I can't really tell if it will look good on me or not. Today I played around with this online makeover tool at Makeover Solutions. They have a paid version, but I just signed up for the free one. I uploaded the one picture I am allowed with my free account - which I had to go take because I could not find one full face picture of me on my computer. Once the picture was uploaded, they took me through all kinds of steps to define my eyes, lips, and face shape. I had a really hard time with the eyeliner, because I never wear eyeliner and I really don't know where it is supposed to be. Yeah, I'm good.

Once I finally got my picture defined, I started playing with hairstyles, and that's when I noticed that several hairstyles are locked - so only paid members can try them on. Still, the free version has several I can 'try on', so maybe I'll find something I like. There are also quite a few options to 'try on' makeup, eyewear, and accessories. Again, only some of them are available with the free account.

Besides the makeover tool, this site also has hairstyle pictures to browse through. Wish me luck finding the perfect style for me, or at least one I can live with.


  1. You won the caption vote! Come see your prize. :)

  2. Nothing ever suits me on those makeover things.. last time I went to hairdresser I asked her what she thought would suit me... It's not bad either :)


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