Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Sweet Treat

I left a comment for Imma (Alice) over at I Was Born2Cree8, and she gave me a treat! Now, wasn't that sweet of her? Of course, now I want a candied apple. Instead I get to pass this along to some random visitors to my blog, so I can let them know what a sweet treat their comments were.

You are more than welcome to pass it along to those you think deserving of a special treat for the season. Call it “Pay it Forward”, if you like, after all, one good deed deserves another. DON’T just choose your friends…

Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!
- - Yes - -
Make it RANDOM!!


This wonderful 'Sweet Halloween Treat' was started by Hootin' Anni. Check out her blog, it's totally decorated for Halloween!


Today I pass this on to:


  1. Thank you so much for the treat! I will pass it along and post this treat on my blog.

    happy posting!

  2. Thank you Anna. How nice to receive an unexpected treat! I will be happy to pass it along on my blog.

  3. that is so cool some day I will know how to make stuff like that....

  4. Thank you so much this is very kind of you ! It is the second time I receive this award so it makes me very happy.
    I see that you live in Wisconsin I know Madison very well because my aunt and uncle lived there and the first time I was there was in 1971 (!) then from 1988 - 1995 every two years until she died. We always combined it with a ten days trip through the States and two weeks with them. I still have friends there.

  5. Always a pleasure to be here, Anna - and yes, Hootin Annie is great!

  6. Hey anna, thanks for the very nice's a sweet treat indeed. ;)
    I'll try and pass it along to my other blogger friends. :)


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