Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fund Raising and Free Candy

A couple years ago Cory went out with his fund raiser sheets and sold lots of things, at the same time all the kids in the neighborhood were out trick or treating. It worked really well. People who are at home and expecting people to show up at their door have their front lights turned on. So it's easy to tell who is there. A side benefit of asking them if they'll buy something is the free candy. He ended up selling quite a bit by doing it that way. After that, we never could get him motivated to go out and sell stuff. I guess not having the added benefit of candy just didn't make it worth it?

Finally tonight he's out selling again, for this fund raiser I posted about last night. He also printed out the web page and information so he can give that out to people who might not be ready to order and pay tonight. I'm interested to see how it all works out. He should be home pretty soon, because he's got a birthday party to go to. It's quite the busy week for him - a party last night, a party tonight, and then another birthday this weekend. It sounds like he's having fun.


  1. Gotta love fundraising LOL
    We spent all last year and I mean every weekend, fundraising for my daughters dance. Chocolate bars was our biggest fundraiser, she raised over $1000 for herself to go to competittion from that fundraiser alone.
    To bad there wasn't an easier more fun way to raise the money for the kids...
    The candy is definitely a motivator...

    good luck with the fundraising.

  2. Great work, Cory.

    Hipe the birthday weekend is a huge success, Anna.


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