Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Toilet Paper

More Homecoming shenanigans tonight. I was washing dishes after dinner when I became aware of some odd noises outside. They were kind of like little thumps. Not real loud, so I don't know how long I was hearing them. I opened the door out to the garage to be sure the garage door was closed. It was. Then I went down the hall and peeked out Beth's window. There were several kids out in the yard, and I saw some trailing toilet paper. So I told Jeffrey that he ought to go out the front door and see what was going on.

There was toilet paper everywhere. We don't have any trees to speak of, so they were just throwing rolls of toilet paper up and over the house in an attempt to drape the house in toilet paper. There are some bigger trees at the back corner of the yard, but they left those alone and just draped some on the small trees. After Jeffrey had chased them off, he and Cory went out and cleaned up. They threw away most of the toilet paper and collected all the partial rolls scattered all over the yard. They collected a plastic tub full - see picture.

A little later in the evening, we started hearing noises again. Either the same kids or someone else had done it again - not as bad this time, but still...

When Beth got home from work, she seemed to think that they shouldn't have cleaned it up. Umm, right, just leave it all out there to get all soggy and nasty and gross. Then we wouldn't have all that free toilet paper!

I said they should have at least left some for her to clean up, since they were most likely her friends.

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  1. That's a kind of odd thing to do.. I wonder if they bought or stole the


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