Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Want to Learn How to Dance

Years ago I used to video tape a show on CMT where they would teach the steps for various line dances and other country dances. With the video, I could watch, try, rewind, watch, try, rewind - until I felt like I knew how to do that dance. Of course, I never learned the partner dances, because I never got Jeffrey to do it with me. That makes me think that I'd probably never get him to actually go out and take some dance classes to learn ballroom dancing - though he likes watching Dancing with the Stars, so maybe I could talk him into it.

Truthfully, I would probably feel more comfortable at least starting out with some kind of dance instruction video, so I could at least learn the basics at home - before I go out in public and make a fool of myself. I bet if we started with this beginners Swing Dancing video, I could even get Beth interested. Of course, she thinks she already knows how to swing dance because all the guys used to use her as a partner. She was small and easy to swing around and lift, and she loved the attention! I've tried some swing dancing, but, because I'm detail oriented and analytical, I need someone to break it down step by step for me - like on the video. Just jumping in and doing it? I'm never sure I'm actually doing it right.

Then, there are so many other videos to choose from and so many other dances to learn...