Monday, October 15, 2007

Venice Apartments

Jeffrey and I are saving and planning to go somewhere nice for our 25th anniversary. We haven't decided yet where we want to go, but it needs to be someplace nice. I was thinking of somewhere tropical with a beach, of course, but Jeffrey is thinking that they will have golf courses, too. That means he wants to leave me on the beach while he goes off and plays golf. Some anniversary trip, huh?

Today I was reading some information about Venice, because that's supposed to be a romantic place to visit, right? There are no cars, only boats, and plenty of water. Jeffrey likes boats. I like water. That should work. We can visit castles and bridges, and the islands of Murano, where the world famous mouth-blown glass is made. The more I read about the attractions Venice has to offer, the more I realize how much I don't know about this city. I didn't know they were famous for mouth-blown glass, but I'd love to be able to watch. I've always admired blown glass. I didn't know that there are over 2000 bridges in Venice, but considering all the water, that does make sense. And that the most famous bridge, the Rialto Bridge was built between 1588 and 1591. Seriously, nothing in this country is anywhere close to that old.

Before I start thinking that a trip to Venice is impossible or out of our reach, I need to spend some more time on this site called Holiday Velvet. They make it easy to find Venice apartments, Bed & Breakfasts, villas or hotels for reasonable prices. You can search for accommodations by location, price, rental type, or number of people. Of course, it's an anniversary trip. This trip is just for the two of us. A little apartment or a Bed & Breakfast ought to be just perfect. Then, once we find one we like, we can book it right on the site.

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  1. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary too! (We went back to some of our old haunts prior to getting hitched). Venice sounds lovely! May I suggest not considering going impossible. Imagine what it'll be like if you do go!


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