Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Weight Loss Pill

I once heard someone say that the secret to weight loss is to eat less and exercise more. My first thought was, "Well, duh!" It seemed pretty obvious to me. Unfortunately, obesity is a nation-wide epidemic, so, either eating less and exercising more doesn't work for some people, or they just don't have the incentive, willpower or time to put it into practice. I know that Jeffrey has gained weight since we've been married, and, even though he likes to blame it on me and my cooking, it's really because he works behind a desk all day and doesn't get nearly enough physical activity. He can lose weight, because he did a few years ago when they had the diet club at work. It was a challenge to see who could lose the most weight, and he did it. He lost the most weight. Then, once that challenge was over, he gradually went back to his old habits.

There are people who have tried every diet known to man (or woman) and just can't seem to lose the weight or keep it off. The new weight loss pill Akavar 20 50 is supposed to let people eat all they want and still lose the weight. The pill blocks caloric intake and then pulls excess fat from the body. It's supposed to work for virtually anyone, and if it doesn't work, there's a money-back guarantee.


  1. You need to eat right and exercise in order to lose weight but after you achieve your ideal weight you can't go back to your bad lifestyle habits and expect to stay at the same weight. About weight loss pills, the best option is to choose a clinically proven product with no negative side effects and take it in addition to healthy lifestyle.


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