Thursday, October 25, 2007

Uptown Saturday Night

The last Saturday night of the month, which is this coming Saturday, October 27th, is Uptown Saturday Night in St. Augustine, Florida. What does that mean? The Uptown San Marco Shopping District remains open from 5-9pm. Parking and admission are free, and each participating shop features an open house with wine and refreshments. There is live music and an overall festive night time atmosphere. Yes, a party atmosphere with shopping. I don't know exactly why, but there is something special about a warm evening (I checked the forecast, and it's supposed to be in the 70's) all lit up and sparkling with lights. The last time we were in Florida, I even got excited about the mall. It was all outdoor, and they had strings of lights wrapped around the palm trees and music playing. I wasn't really all that interested in shopping. I just liked being there.

For the Uptown Saturday Night events in St. Augustine, the book stores bring in local authors for book readings and book signings. Now, that I would be interested in, and it would be so much fun to browse through the used book stores to see what we could find. At least Cory and I would be interested in the books. The other half of the family would have to find something else to do, since they're not so interested in books. With all of the Events in St. Augustine and other activities going on for Uptown Saturday Night, they would surely find something to do. I read something about train tours...

Next month's Uptown Saturday Night is November 24th.

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