Monday, October 08, 2007

What's with these Comment Popups?

I'm getting frustrated. I read a blog post. I want to comment, and all I get is a popup box that is maybe an inch wide. I can read a few words of the comments people have already left, but I can't even see the box to type my comment in. If the blogger requires me to type in a security word? Never mind that I have a hard time reading them when I can see them. I can't even see them now.

I'm not sure why they are acting this way, but I think it's time to go searching Blogger to see if there's a fix. If the fix is to change my browser and use that Microsoft one, then the only choice I have is to beg all my blogging friends to please, please, please - don't use comment popups.



  1. I hope mine isn't doing that, I will have to go back and check. I know some of the blogs I visit have very annoying comment boxes and I decided a long time ago to get rid of the type in a mystery group of letters as I find in annoying. As yet I have not had any spam attacks. I am not sure how terrible that would be anyway.

  2. Hi, sorry but I do have anti-spam comments on mine. If you find them really annoying I can take them off. Glad your back, Tammy

  3. Wait a minute, do I have word verification on mine????


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