Thursday, January 31, 2008

15 Down, 5 to Go - I Think

I've been working on rebates this afternoon and tonight. We bought TurboTax and a whole lot of other software on Sunday. Did we really need all that other software? Maybe not, though we did get several copies of different virus protection software. I don't know which one is better, but we figure we can try them all if they're going to give them to us for FREE. Besides, we have to cover all the computers in the house.

We also got some learn to speak Spanish software that I thought we were going to have to return. I sent an email asking about it because two of the rebates asked for the same proof of purchase. I hadn't heard anything back from the email, so I called today and was told that one of those rebates had expired in September. $10 for this language package isn't bad, but still - I wanted it to be free. About half an hour later, I checked my email and found an answer to my original email question. Yes, both of the $10 rebates were good, and she gave me the online codes to use. I'm going with the email. I have it in writing, and printed out my rebates.

Each software title seems to have not one but two or three rebates. I'm putting everything together, making copies, and putting everything into envelopes. Then, when I get them all done, I will go through each envelope to double and triple-check that everything is right - because I'm obsessive like that. It all has to be perfect, because not everyone is like Walgreens.