Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Surf Camp

Some of my favorite memories from growing up are of the summers I spent at summer camp. The camp I went to offered all kinds of activities, from basketball to archery, cheerleading to water skiing. There are also summer camps that focus on a particular sport or activity. One of those is surf camp, where kids, teens, and even adults can learn to surf. Do you think I'm too old to learn to surf? I love the beach. I love the water. I could do it, right? I could take surf lessons.

It would certainly be an amazing experience for the kids. They have teen summer camps that completely immerse the teens in the surfing experience, taking them from beginners to the next level. Besides learning to surf, teens will learn some marine science and ocean safety, and have lots of fun on the beach with other teens from all over the world. The minimum student to instructor ratio is 3:1, so there is plenty of individual attention and a high emphasis on safety. These teen overnight camps are in some amazing places, too - Hawaii, Australia, Florida, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas, to name a few.

They also have Family Camps and a Women's Only overnight adventure camp. Ladies, anyone interested in leaving the husband and kids and taking advantage of some sun, sand and learning to surf? I have this thing for the beach. I'm pretty sure I'd be jealous if my kids got to go to surf camp, and I didn't.

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