Monday, January 14, 2008

Band Concert Tonight

Cory had a band concert tonight, so we all had to go to that. Jeffrey set up some microphones and recorded the concert. He was having some trouble getting the microphone to work properly for some reason and didn't have much time to play with it because the band was rehearsing in the gym from practically the time we got there up until the time of the concert. He eventually got it fixed and was ready with the microphone and had everything hooked up to record.

I actually sat there and listened to the entire concert without taking any pictures. I had my camera. I just didn't take any pictures. I figured it looked the same as any other concert - they're all sitting behind the music stands, and I can't see their faces anyway. I really like Jazz Band better because Cory (and the rest of the saxophones) are in the front row. I can actually see him. Tonight I could sort of see the top of his head. I enjoyed just listening to the concert. Sometimes it's hard just to enjoy it when I'm taking the pictures. And then, I don't really do much with the pictures, anyway.