Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Illini Basketball

Illini Basketball
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The father / daughter activity in this house is watching Illini basketball. Cory and I really don't care, but Jeffrey and Beth love watching and cheering for 'their' team. Beth likes the Illini so much that she painted her room Illini colors. Did you know you can buy paint that is officially 'Illini White' 'Illini Blue' and ' Iliini Oraage'? Well, you can, and those are the colors in her bedroom, in bright, bold stripes.

The team isn't doing so well this year. Beth really started watching the year they did really, really well. I think that year they were practically undefeated and went all the way to the Final Four. Beth doesn't do so well when her team's not winning. In fact, tonight they're playing Ohio State, and the score is not pretty. Beth's not even watching.

Of course, I understand. I used to watch the Illini, too. I used to care, but the team was just so inconsistent. Sometimes they'd win, and sometimes they wouldn't. I suppose that's how it works, but I just didn't feel it was worth the energy to care. It's just a sport, after all. I do have a little more tolerance for college sports than I do for professional sports. The idea of paying grown men lots of money to play a game just seems wrong. If it's a way to pay for your college education, well, that's good. Really, I like watching the band and the cheerleaders, but they don't show them very much.

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