Monday, January 21, 2008

Longer Than Expected

Why is it that anything computer-related seems to take so much longer than you think it should? I think, "I'm going to do this real quick." or "I'm going to do that real quick." - and then 'real quick' turns into hours.

This morning I finally decided to install Norton (SystemWorks) on my computer. I already had it, but my subscription expired so I wasn't getting all the updated virus definitions. I've been meaning to install a new version. I've had the CD sitting here for a while. Finally today it reminded me again, so I figured I'd go ahead and install it 'real quick' and get it over with. It's now after 2pm, and I finally think I've got it installed and ready to go. First I had to uninstall the old version. That had a problem and wanted the original CD, and I ended up having to re-install the old version. Then, when I went to install the new one, it started installing Go Back, which has always been a separate install in the past. Apparently, part of installing Go Back is going through every file on the computer and 'packing' them, whatever that means. This install went on and on and on. Finally I got tired of waiting and not being able to use my computer, so I started Firefox and started reading email and such. After a while, I got an error message telling me that the install failed because I was using other resources on the computer. Talk about a waste of time!

I ended up restarting my computer, installing Norton again, this time without Go Back, and then having to remove the old version because it was still there telling me that my subscription expired. Hopefully it's all good now. The only problem so far is that I'm going to have to train my firewall all over again - and all the history in my browser is gone. For a while now I'm going to have to actually type in the url's of web pages I visit regularly. They don't automatically come up, and it looks like I'm going to have to sign in to pages that usually remember me. That's what happens when you let all your temporary internet files get cleaned up, I guess.