Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Beth Wanted to Learn to Play Piano

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At one time, Beth expressed an interest in learning to play the piano. Unfortunately, we didn't pursue it. We didn't have a piano or any idea where to put one if we did. Also, we didn't really know where to go to get her piano lessons. She didn't really push it, so we kind of forgot about it. Of course, now she likes to bring it up periodically and blame us for never 'letting' her take piano lessons.

I am going to have to let her know that she can learn to play the piano now with Duane Shinn's Piano lessons & piano chords. She can sign up for the free newsletter and get free piano lessons. What I like about this is that it would give her a chance to see if this is something she really wants to do, before we have to invest a lot of money into it. We can find a keyboard for her to learn on - in fact, she could probably use the church keyboard. If she sticks with it through the free lessons, Duane also has CD and DVD courses available. It almost makes me wish I was musical.

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