Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu

It seems to be a regular occurrence that we hear on the news that this celebrity or that one is in rehab. Obviously celebrities aren't the only ones with addiction and substance abuse problems, but they're the ones we always hear about. Beth asked the other day why these people who seem to have everything always seem to get involved in drugs. That's a good question. Why do people get involved with drugs and alcohol? Why do some get addicted and ruin their lives? And why is it that these drug Rehabs don't seem to work? At least that's the impression we get when one of these celebrities goes into rehab, gets out, and then goes right back to their old behavior.

Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu is a different kind of drug rehab facility. It's a luxurious, private treatment facility on the beach in Malibu. The founder started Sunset Malibu after completing drug rehab, and many of the staff and counselors have been through addiction and treatment themselves. Because they understand, they can tailor the treatment to each individual. The treatment includes a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional methods - whatever works. There is no one drug treatment program that works for everyone, and they are committed to finding the one that works for each individual.

Sunset Malibu specializes in alcohol detox, substance abuse treatment, painkiller addiction treatment, and treatment of such disorders as depression and eating disorders. It's a small facility, allowing them to focus on the individual and help them regain their life.

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  1. The place is gorgeous, I love the views of Malibu beach... do you know if they allow you to go surfing? I found a few photos of the resort but would love to get more information.


  2. Yes, it is a beautiful place. I would guess that what they allow would be dependent on the treatment program prescribed for the individual. The website has plenty of information and contact info so you can get your particular questions answered.


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