Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad Weather is Coming

It's practically balmy outside. My desktop weather says it's 46°. It's gray and dreary, but it's really not doing anything. However, that is supposed to change. The temperature is supposed to start dropping. It's supposed to start snowing, and the wind it supposed to start blowing that snow all over the place. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? By tomorrow morning the wind chill is supposed to be -20° to -30°.

I just saw on the television that our school is letting out early - either 1pm or 1:30pm - depending on whether you look at the tv or the web site. I guess they're taking it seriously and expect all this nastiness to move in before school is supposed to let out, and they don't want to be in the process of busing kids home when it gets here. I guess we'll see. That's the problem with canceling school or letting out early - the decision has to be made so early. Sometimes they make the right decision; sometimes they don't. Either way it seems that someone will complain. It's so funny how you just can't make people happy.

Cory was supposed to have Pep Band at the basketball game tonight, but I guess that is canceled. I'm actually kind of relieved. I don't really mind going, and I like hearing the band play, but if it's really going to get so nasty, I really don't want to be out in it. Beth, of course, has to work tonight. It almost seems to be a given - if Beth has to work, it's going to snow. She doesn't like driving in it, either, but she certainly has gotten a lot of experience this winter.


  1. We just got passed out bad weather and the kids were home today because of it...well it was worse yesterday but I guess the roads needed to be cleaned up today anyway we got passed the 10 cm of snow and the hours and hours of HEAVY rainfall. What a mess.

    Stay warm and safe


  2. I hope you all make it through the storm okay. I'm tagging you with the prettiest mom meme.


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