Saturday, January 19, 2008

Search Terms

I really like the Feedjit widget in my sidebar. It's really fun to see where people are coming from when they visit my blog, because it not only tells me where my visitors are located, but it usually tells me how they got to my blog. I just recently realized that, when it says they came from, I can click that and it will take me to the search page they used to find me. There were a few times when I got all excited because my blog was coming up #1 or 2 on the page - and then I realized it was page 4. Either way, they found me and clicked.

Sometimes I wonder about search terms and how Google compiles the results. Tonight someone searched for "mommy running swimsuit blog' and they made it to my blog. Yes, I'm a mom, and my kids did call me mommy when they were smaller, but then they decided they were too old for that. I have been talking about swimsuits recently, though I didn't talk about running in a swimsuit because, to be honest, I really can't do that. I'd be bouncing out. You know what I mean.
The interesting part is that Google returned results that brought up these words - but it's a combination of two different posts. Obviously very helpful. Oh, and this actually was on Page 1 of the results - and my blog came up #4.


  1. I've had this widget for a while now and have never clicked through as you suggest... I'm going to have some fun now and see how my visitors found my site!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mine says that I came from Google to your blog, but that's because I came from my Google Reader.


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