Thursday, January 31, 2008

Viral Marketing

I signed up Buzzfuse tonight. It's supposed to help get more traffic to my blog. If you have an article or post that you really want people to read, you can add the Buzzfuse widget to that post and share it, or market your content. Buzzfuse gives you a special code to paste into your post, then you activate and release that content. Originally, it looks like it gets shared with your circle of friends - and I had to invite at least 10 friends to release my first post, so some of you may be getting emails from Buzzfuse. I tried to choose those of you who have blogs and would like to get some more readers. Buzzfuse also measures popularity, and judges your content by how people react to it.

Buzzfuse is free, though they also have premium paid accounts available. It's a good way to discover new and exciting content as well as help people discover what you have to say.

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