Saturday, January 26, 2008

It Was Nice While it Lasted

A couple weeks ago, I was surprised to see that my PageRank had returned - even better than before. Well, that all came to an end a couple days ago, when Google slapped me back down to a big fat ZERO.

See, it really was a 4:

The whole PageRank thing has been pretty frustrating. Before I started doing paid posts, I hadn't even heard of PageRank, and I for sure did not know what it was. Now apparently, Google has decided that blogs with paid posts do not deserve to have a PageRank. Though I have noticed that this is not across the board. Some blogs have paid posts and still have a PageRank, many others have a big fat ZERO. Advertisers still ask for blogs with a certain PageRank, and there are fewer and fewer blogs that qualify. The blogs that do meet the qualifications are not necessarily the best blogs. They are just the blogs Google has not, for some reason, slapped down to ZERO yet.

It was nice having a PageRank again, for a little while, because I had a lot more choices when it came to paid posts. It was nice being able to choose the ones I wanted and not have to just grab whatever was available and then try to write something about it. It's much better for everyone if I can write about something that matters to me or that I can get excited about.

I have read that it is possible to get your PageRank back if you get rid of all paid posts, tell Google you are sorry you ever did paid posts and promise never to do them again. My question is - what would be the point? If I'm not going to do any paid posts, then what do I need a PageRank for?


  1. wow congratulation for ur page rank hope that will keep your spirit to blog.. have a nice weekend mom :D

  2. HUH no clue what this all is BUT I went there and put one on my blog hahhahahaa we will see what it does huh. Thank you so mcuh I really like this quilt too.

  3. It's all very confusing.. The indicator in the Google toolbar says I have a page rank of 4.

    This site:

    also says I have 4.

    BUT the site you refer to says "Not Ranked" when I add my url.

    So which is accurate I wonder?

  4. I know, I lost my Rank 4 on my old blog, so I have kept my new Cariboo free of ads and reinstated my old ones address to do paid posts on. It has no ranking but I get the occasional opportunity from Smorty or Blogsvertize. It is a merry go round. I think it is PayPerPost that Google is really out to get.

  5. I know the feeling! Mine went back to a 3 for those same two weeks, and then Sat. it dropped to 0. I guess it took them two weeks to figure out that we had paid ads with our new domains. But I sort of expected it after it happened a few months ago. At any rate, I tried to do as many ads as possible, and I'm sure I was boring the few people that actually might read my blog to death! Now I can spend more time actually doing the fun blogging stuff. I just felt like I had to spend every spare second writing those silly ads! With a 3, I was also getting a $10 Blogsvertise ad each day too, and that's also gone. Boo Google PR.

  6. Hi Anna. I used to be a PR4 too but sadly it's down to 0. Hope by some miracle it will return back to 4. Just wishful thinking.

    I'm tagging you to help increase technorati ratings. Hope you can do this meme: Spreading Some Love meme.


  7. Goggle hates PPP. I hate Google. Go kick Googles butt for me okay.

  8. I'm so disgusted with it, I don't even want to talk about it. I'm sorry your pr dropped Anna - It really stinks that they are doing this.

  9. I give up on the page rank. It doesn't and isn't making any sense at all and you are right...if we aren't doing paid posts then what does it matter about our page rank.
    I was slapped down to a zero also and boy do I miss the opps.

    Hopefully something will get worked out in the mean time what else is there to do.

    I heard that having your own domain will help increase you rank...but obviously with you having your own domain that isn't the case. So is it worth it for me to pay out the money for my own domain or is there another reason I should look into it.

    If you stop by I have 2 awards for you!

    enjoy your Monday

  10. @ ladybanana - I checked the link you left, and my blog is a big fat ZERO there, too.

    @ vic grace - Even without a rank, there are a few opportunities available. I guess that's better than nothing.

    @ thrivingat30 - I saw you had a pagerank there for a while. I guess I should have done like you did and taken as many as possible. Blogsvertise hasn't really worked out for me. I think I've gotten one or two opps from them. Where were my $10 ones while I had a 4?

    @ heart of rachel - I think what we're going to have to hope for is that the advertisers figure out that PageRank does not really mean anything any more.

    @ tammy - I think we should all gang up on Google - the big bully!

    @ misty dawn - It is disgusting! Just be ready to grab all the opps you can when yours goes up, because I bet it will - until Google realizes your new domain is the same blog they already spanked.

    @ carrie - I think having my own domain was why I got my PageRank back for a little while. Google didn't realize it was the same blog and gave it the rank it really should have. Once they realized it was the same blog and still had paid posts, they slapped it down again. I don't know that the actual rank is any different because of the domain. It isn't really very expensive to buy a domain, and sometimes opps exclude blogspot blogs for whatever reason, and you can take those with your own domain - if you qualify otherwise.

  11. So sorry to hear about your page rank issues. Four of my blogs (two on blogger and two on my host) were slapped to zero as well. Been there, done that!


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