Thursday, January 24, 2008

Save Money on Office Supplies

I recently went online and ordered some ink for one of our printers. I got lucky and happened to order it when they were offering free shipping. I had to order it from a certain store because I had a rebate to send in, but I could have gotten it cheaper at some discount office supply stores if I hadn't had the rebate. Normally, though, I don't have a rebate, and I'm not limited to buying from a certain store. I can search for online coupons and savings codes and buy from the store that gives me the best deal. According to the list at, I could get that free shipping from Circuit City now.

I like that the focus at is on computers, office supplies, ink cartridges, and all things office and business related. It's a good place to start if that is what you are looking for, and you won't have to weed through a lot of other things. The site is updated daily with deals and promotions from some of the top office supply stores today. The latest savings are always reflected, and the information about each of the stores is very helpful.

In addition to offering the best deals and promotions possible, has a nice library of articles to help with everything from setting up a home business and working at home, to finding cheap, discount or free office equipment and furniture. I think the tips for working at home could be very helpful, if I would just follow them. The hardest part for me is scheduling time to work, without letting all the other things get in the way. I keep thinking, "I just need to get this (insert mundane household task here) done, and then I can sit down and work."