Thursday, January 31, 2008

We Live in Wisconsin, People

The other night when the weather was supposed to be so bad, Beth ended up calling in to work and not going, because she didn't want to be out in it. It did end up getting cold and windy, but we really didn't get any snow to speak of. I don't think the roads were any worse or even as bad as they have been other times she's gone to work. It's typical - the weather people on the news always make a big deal out of everything, and it rarely ever turns out as bad as they predict. Sometimes I just want to yell, "We live in Wisconsin! We're supposed to be used to this stuff. We're supposed to know how to deal with it." Now, if the same weather was heading for some southern state, then by all means, shut down everything!

It's snowing again. We're supposed to get more tonight than we did the other night. Beth has to work again. This time the roads might actually get bad, but since she already called in once this week, she probably better not call in again. She still hasn't found out for sure whether she gets to keep this job or not, and that might make a difference if they're still trying to decide. Most of all I just want her to be safe.


  1. I know you will think I am nuts but I MISS trying ot figure out those quetions should I chance it and go??? Will the roads be that bad??? here yeah it is.... hhhmmmmmm should I take hte extra bottle sun screen... ahhahah ok maybe not that bad but you get it I hope.

  2. The weather forecasters keep teasing us with snow but we've not had a single flake yet..

    The roads and paths were all salted and gritted, but nothing.. I wish we could just have 2/3 days of winter wonderland, it's makes everyone feel kind of excited..


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