Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tillie's Having Surgery

Beth had to take Tillie to the vet this morning. She's getting 'fixed' today. Since she's having surgery, she was supposed to fast after 10pm last night. Cory made sure she ate something before having her food taken away, but it's not exactly like you can explain to a cat that she's not going to be able to eat or drink. This morning, after saying good morning, she headed straight over to her food, as usual. She couldn't figure out why her dishes were gone and there was no food. She's a determined one, that's for sure. She kept at it - ever so sweetly. The cat food is in a plastic ice cream bucket, and she kept trying to get the lid off. Cory had left her dishes on the counter, so she jumped up there - where she's not supposed to be, but it must be confusing when your dishes are there. Then later I found her on the counter again, this time licking out the empty lunch meat container. I hope this doesn't mean she's going to start checking out the kitchen counter for things to eat.

Beth loaded her up in a backpack about 9am and headed for the vet. Tillie was a little scared when she got there, but she calmed down. It sounds like going without food for a little while didn't really hurt her. She's a chubby 7-1/2 pounds. That cat likes to eat. She just looked at Beth all broken hearted when she went to leave. You can't explain to a cat that she can't eat or drink, and you can't explain to her why she's being left. Poor baby. Hopefully she won't be too mad at Beth for leaving her there.


  1. Just think how happy she'll be when she is picked up!

  2. OH POOR BABY PJ needs to go get "fixed too. He will not like going with out eiether I am sure of that. hope all went well.


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