Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why I Need That Little Box

Beth got pulled over on the way home from work last night. No, she didn't get a ticket. She said she didn't do anything wrong, but someone had called the police and reported that she was driving recklessly - so he had to pull her over and talk to her. He asked her all the questions. "Were you messing with your phone?" "We're you messing with the radio?" Stuff like that. Of course, she said no. She does have a habit of messing with the iPod, because she's got it hooked into the stereo system of the car, and she does not seem able to listen to an entire song before she's searching and changing to another one. I would really prefer that she not mess with the iPod, but she doesn't listen to me. Of course not. I'm just mom, and I don't know anything.

She said she did swerve, because there was a chunk of ice in the road and she wanted to miss it. While having that little device to monitor her driving wouldn't tell me whether she was actually messing with the iPod or something else, it might be able to show how much she swerved. How reckless does someone's driving have to appear before someone will actually pick up their phone and call the police? You wouldn't think basic swerving to avoid something in the road would be enough

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  1. My hubby once called in to complain about a reckless driver, and the police told him that he shouldn't waste their time with calls like that, and that it was just his OPINION that the person was driving badly. But the person was reckless! I'm surprised that they actually pulled your daughter over.


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