Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm a New Citizen

That's right. I'm a new citizen of Blogoria. What is it? It's a Blogger Search that will help me connect with other blogs. Not that I don't love the blogs I'm already connected with, and the people who write them, but I'm always interested in finding more. Also, it promises to give me more exposure for my blog, and let other bloggers, readers, and advertisers find me. My feed is supposed to start displaying on Blogoria in about an hour, and I'm already listed as a new Blogorian on the home page! While I'm there, I think I'll read a few of the blogs and profiles there. This is cool - I can visit blogger's profiles, rate them, add them to my network, and subscribe to their blogs right there. If any of you are already on Blogoria, let me know so we can connect there, too. If you're not already there, check it out.

brought to you by Blogoria

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