Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cold Weather and Money

The kids didn't have to go to school today because of the cold. The wind chill was 25° to 30° below this morning. I guess they figure that's too cold for the kids to be out waiting for the bus or something. I figure it's too cold to walk, so I didn't go walking this morning, either. The kids slept in as long as I would let them, and then they mostly lazed around all day. Teenagers don't do much but mess around on the computer or watch TV.

I worked on rebates - calling with questions about requirements and such. Those things can be so confusing, and I am so obsessive trying to make sure I do everything right. It adds up to a lot of money this time, and I'm not opening anything until I check and double-check that everything will work together. I also found out that I was supposed to have gotten a check for this website I worked on, but somehow the invoice got overlooked. Now that's all straightened out, and I will be looking for a check in the mail.

And speaking of money - the PayU2Blog people finally sent me a password today. So we'll see how that works out. They told me weeks ago that they accepted my blog...

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