Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Learning html

I got an email the other day reminding me that January courses are now enrolling at My 101 by Sony. I've taken several free courses there, and I like to check and see what's available. If only I had the time, I would sign up for, and finish this time, the Graphic Design for Non-Designers course. One lesson a week isn't bad, and you get to work at your own pace, but last time I signed up for that one, I just didn't finish it.

I was hoping they were offering a basic html course that I could recommend to those of you who want to learn some html. I took one several years ago, and it was really good. Since they aren't offering that one, I thought maybe this page where you can start learning html would be helpful. Then, after you learn the basics, you can move on to advanced html, if you want to. They have all kinds of information here, whether you want to go through the tutorials or just use it as a reference. And of course, like all good things, it's free.

I'm not sure if he really did or not, but Cory was talking about taking Web Page Design in school next year - so he could get credit for doing nothing. Unfortunately, that's exactly what would happen. Beth took that class last year, I think. It's a one semester class, and it took them the whole first quarter to learn the most basic stuff. Apparently they don't have a text book for this class because there should be enough information on the Internet. Yes, there is plenty of information on the Internet, but the teacher does not go out and find it. They'd be ahead if he just pointed the students to this page and turned them loose. Of course, that is assuming the students have some initiative and aren't just in the class to get credit for doing nothing.


  1. I've tagged you if you want to play along!

  2. Thanks for this information! I love learning new stuff on the computer!

  3. For the last two years of his education I put my younger son in the public school as the local Christian school had closed. He ended up sub-teaching the computer class as the teacher didn't know how to do certain things and would hand Jesse the book saying "You explain it". I had taught him the basics but from then on he was totally self-taught. I guess I gave all my kids the computer bug.


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