Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Stay in a Hotel?

They're saying that the coldest temperatures of the season are moving in. This is when I have to keep repeating to myself that I really do like all the seasons - even winter. Truthfully, when the weather gets this cold, I really wouldn't mind being somewhere warmer. The only problem is, we have kids in school. We can't just pull them out of school to go where the weather is warm.

I am going to admit that I am totally spoiled when it comes to being away from home. I hate staying in a little, cramped hotel room. There is no way that our family could stay in one hotel room for a week, so we have to get two rooms, which costs us twice as much. I only stay in a hotel under protest.

I'd rather stay in a condo or a house, someplace with room, a kitchen, a washer and a dryer. Believe me, once you've tried it, you will not want to go back to a hotel. Take a look at these vacation rentals. Instead of staying in a cramped hotel room, you can stay in one of these Orlando Vacation Homes. All the conveniences of home with a kitchen, washer and dryer, separate living and bedroom space, and more. Some of these places even have their own private pools! And the prices? Usually better than a hotel room, especially if you're like us and need two. Listings are updated weekly, so if you don't see the perfect place, check back.

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