Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Learning French

When Cory had to choose a foreign language class at school, I tried to get him to take Spanish, because that's what I took. When I was in school, that was the only choice we had. They have two languages to choose from here, Spanish and French. He chose French, and he's really enjoying it. Partially it's because he likes the teacher, but he's also enjoying learning new words and how to say things in another language. He'll be taking it again next year.

Of course I've forgotten much of what I learned when I studied Spanish, but I like to think I could have helped him a little if he was taking Spanish. With French, I'm no help at all, except that now I can point him to There are all kinds of free French lessons he can use, both written lessons, and audio he can download, to help with pronunciation. They also have practice exercises to help him use what he's learned.

They make it all look pretty easy. I bet even I could learn French.

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  1. HEY THERE How are ya yeah I am late I took french in high school I LOVED IT it is a big hard to learn BUT it has such a sweet sound to it...


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