Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Save Money on Car Insurance

Since we've had a teen driver, our car insurance costs have definitely increased. From the things Beth says, I realize it could be worse, much worse. Some of her friends are paying about the same per month as we have to pay every six months for her to drive. Of course, some of her friends have had accidents and gotten tickets, and their insurance has increased accordingly. Unfortunately, most insurance companies charge high rates for all teen drivers because teen drivers are known to be reckless. The combination of teen invincibility and lack of experience is not a good one. I'm just glad my teen driver isn't driving on those freeways in Southern California. Cost-U-Less Insurance has a student division to help these young people understand the basics of car insurance, how to get better rates, and how to plan for the future to get lower rates. The insurance is for those Southern California drivers, but the resources and information can be used by anyone.

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  1. Car insurance doesn't come cheap. I have at least four more years before Jay is old enough to get his drivers license. I am hoping by then they increase the age for a drivers permit. I think it's too young. Here in the Maritimes it has been an aweful time in the past several months with multiple and I mean multiple crashes killing teens. All we can do is teach them how to be responsible and hope they stay safe.

    see ya!

  2. I've decided that I'm not letting Aurora get her license. She has to stay my little girl forever, now I just have to convince her of that. LOL


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