Monday, January 28, 2008

Give Me 5 Monday - Vacation Destinations

The topic of today's list is - Give Me Five vacation destinations you've already enjoyed or would like to some day.

  1. Acapulco - I've been there twice, once the year before Jeffrey and I got married, and then the next year with him. I enjoyed it both times. The first year I went with several people from my college Spanish class. We really enjoyed practicing what we had learned in class. Of course, we found it rather difficult to practice our Spanish because all the people who lived and worked there wanted to practice their English on us. The second time I went was a whole different experience - going with my brand-new husband instead of a group of friends. It was great! We're trying to plan a trip for our 25th anniversary (in 3-1/2 years) - maybe it would be neat to go back to Acapulco? We haven't decided yet.
  2. Destin, FL - Here we go, another place with a beach. Yes, the beach is important in my life. Besides that, a few years ago in Destin, we had my parents, my brother and his daughter, and some of our cousins all together. So, besides getting to enjoy the beach, we had a really good time with family. Every morning I got up and went walking on the beach. Usually my mom and my cousin went with me. It was great! The sunrises were amazing. One day I even talked everyone into getting up extra early so that we could see high tide. Wow - what a difference from the way we usually saw the beach and water.
  3. Hawaii - I've never been to Hawaii, but I really want to get there one of these days. Yes, more beaches! Jeffrey thinks it means golf courses.
  4. Caribbean Cruise - I'd like to take a cruise someday, in spite of all those cruise horror stories you hear nowadays.
  5. Alaska - and I'd love to go to Alaska. The pictures I've seen are so amazing.
I'm thinking that I haven't really been that many places. I really like staying home, but there are some nice places out there just waiting to be seen. If you'd like to read about some more great vacation destinations, check out other Give Me 5 Monday participants.


  1. I have been to Destin....well, I guess I should say I've been to Fort Walton Beach and while we were there, we drove over to Destin. That whole area there is just gorgeous! The white powder sand beaches...I loved it! Great post!!!

  2. Oh, I'd love to go somewhere warm and beautiful right now!

  3. You and I are a lot alike. Cruising is something I want to do with hubby. He's never been. I too love the beach. Have a great GM5.

  4. Love your choices, Anna! And I totally agree with the warm beaches...sounds sooo good right now!

  5. WEll i have been to Quartzite AZ and now on my way home, altho it is the desert it was much warmer than what it is at home right now.
    We are sitting here in Mohave Ca at Denny's parking lot next to a motel with Wifi so i am happy to be able to get on line and try and catch up

  6. I like to go where beaches are, too, except in the case of Disneyworld. But they have man-made beaches in the themepark, and if I drove farther, I'd be at real ones! I'd love to go to Hawaii!

  7. I was born and raised a Florida girl, so I have a love of beaches, too. (Except the time following the release of the Jaws movie. LOL)

  8. I love beachy places too. My parents have been on two cruises, and they didn't get sick and had a great time. Destin is beautiful too (we went to Pensacola, which is so close to there).


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