Friday, January 18, 2008

Understanding the Mind of a Teenage Girl

What? You expect me to explain it? To help you understand? Nope, sorry, I can't do that. I have no idea what goes on inside her head. I think I should be able to talk to her, to reason with her and use logic. She wants to be treated like an adult, right?

A while back we had a big blow up, because I told her she needed to do the dishes. She didn't want to do the dishes. She wanted to go shopping. So, instead of just doing the dishes and getting them over with, she went on and on about how she never uses the dishes anyway because she never eats, so she shouldn't have to wash them. Besides, it was my job, and I never do anything. Why should she do my job? In the middle of all that she said she'd rather clean the bathroom than wash the dishes. She can understand having to clean the bathroom, because she uses the bathroom. Ok, fine - cleaning the bathroom is now Beth's job. That's fine with me. I'd rather do the dishes. Who wouldn't? Obviously a teenage girl.

Yeah, understand that.


  1. My daughters wont do anything as they say their time will come when they have homes and kids.. Great excuse I don't think!

    They are both away at uni now so it's a bit of a break for

    Good luck with the bathroom :)

  2. The tub in there is disgusting. I told her last night that she needs to get that clean. She said she can't. I had no pity on her - said my tub does not look like that, so there is no reason hers should. Then today I sprayed it with some Clorox bleach cleaner so it can soak and hopefully she will get it clean tonight.

  3. Just wait for the days when she has kids and they give her the same headaches. Then, you can remind her of these 'discussions'.


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