Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey, Guess What!

My friends Tammy and Misty both got their own domain. Tammy's is, of course, and Misty's is - of course, I helped them just a tiny bit by pointing them to this very helpful article I used when I got my own domain. Don't you just love the Internet? So many resources.

Won't you run on over and congratulate Tammy and Misty?

I also got to play with this really fun tool called Kwout. It lets you quote a part of a web page with an image and an image map.


  1. I am going to change to my own domain but I seem to be a little behind on it. Hopefully I will make some changes soon!

    I just changed Tammy and Misty's blog address in my blogroll. Yours is changed also.

    Happy Sunday

  2. Thanks Anna! You are such a sweet friend to do this for us! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ALL of us to have much success with our new domains ;-)

    Also, I want to say a HUGE thank you, because - your instructions and advice that you sent to Tammy in an e-mail made the transition so much easier! ((((((((Thank You!)))))))

  3. Oh....that's what kwout is. hehehe! Yeah, I know I should've just scrolled down to see it. Thanks again Anna! You're AMAZING!!!!


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