Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shopping and Sleep

I just got back from the grocery store. Boy, is it cold outside! I would really rather stay inside where it's warm, but I just couldn't resist the deal they had on cereal. If I bought 6 boxes of General Mills cereals, I got $10 off plus coupons for 2 gallons of milk free. I also had $2.75 in coupons off the cereal. So, all 6 boxes of cereal cost $10.51, and then, counting the milk coupons - 2 @ $3.75 - I figure the total cost for the cereal is $3.01. I know the coupons are for free milk, but I would have had to buy the milk anyway.

I also bought other important stuff like apples, oranges, bananas, lettuce, lemons and lentils (for Lentil Garlic Soup), and broccoli. Now I'm eating a bologna sandwich, and then I need to go finish putting groceries away and wash some lettuce. The kids came home while I was gone. Now Cory is downstairs cleaning, and Beth is sleeping in her room. That girl has always needed a lot of sleep, and she ends up staying up too late watching movies on her computer. Of course, if we say anything about it, she insists, "I'm fine!" I guess it's good she can get a little extra rest today. She doesn't have to work until tomorrow night, when, of course, it is going to snow again. It always seems to snow when she has to work.

I wish I had time for a nap.

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  1. I love coupons. I got groceries today too, but I only bought 2 boxes of cereal and it costs me over $10 for the two. I wish I had your coupon.


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