Thursday, January 03, 2008

Marketing 2.0

I bet I'm not the only one who gets a lot of email trying to sell me stuff. Some of it is pretty questionable. You know, the ones who try to sell me something to enlarge certain body parts that I, well, don't have. Wouldn't these people be more likely to sell their stuff to someone who actually has that body part?

I'm sure this is true across the board. When trying to sell something, you will have much better luck if you actually target a customer who might actually use and benefit from your product. JuiceMetrIQs helps businesses do just that - effectively trigger emails, customize those emails to customer preferences, and ensure a consistent customer experience. The application allows companies to store customer interaction data, such as sales transactions, demographics, website data, and email addresses and segment that information to build relevant target marketing lists. I think the keyword here is relevant! The more relevant, the more successful, I would think.

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