Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Easy to Share Wedding Pictures

When my brother and sister-in-law got married, they had disposable wedding cameras on all the tables. A few people took pictures, but there were a lot of cameras that had only a few pictures taken with them. I know the bride and groom were looking forward to seeing the pictures taken by the wedding guests and being able to enjoy the little moments that they were too busy to notice at the time.

I bet the wedding guests would have taken more pictures if they had known they would be able to see them later. A new service called iTheesnap.com makes that possible now.
It's easy not only to get the cameras and get the film developed after the wedding, but all the photos are available online for the wedding guests to see and enjoy. They can even download and comment on the pictures. Pre-printed cards with the website access codes can be handed out at the wedding, and only those with the code can access the album. The bride and groom also have full control over the online album, so if any of the pictures are inappropriate, or Aunt Suzy would be very upset to see that picture of herself, those pictures can be deleted.

One price covers everything - cameras, shipping both ways, prints, photo DVD, and online album. If you know anyone planning a wedding (Jaye) tell them to check this out.

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