Monday, August 06, 2007

$216 Later

I took the kids over to get them registered for school. What that consists of is signing a bunch of papers and then writing a big check. It seems to cost more every year to get these kids signed up for school. Of course, when I hear the cost of sending a kid to college, I know we have it good for now. We keep telling Cory that he better get good grades and get some scholarships because we cannot afford to pay for college. Who can? Between scholarships and student loans, hopefully the boy can get a good education. I'd say the girl, too, but she says she's not going to college - not even technical school. Give her a few years. Maybe she'll change her mind.

What really bugs me about the school registration thing is that they don't give me any kind of idea ahead of time what it is going to cost me to register my kids. Yes, I suppose I could look up last year's cost to get a ball park figure, but would it really hurt the school to at least tell me that the basic fee for the year is $60 or something, and then, depending on the classes they are taking, other fees will be added? No, it's always a big surprise. I go up to the office. She adds everything up, and gives me the grand total. I write the check. Do I really have a choice? I never thought so until last year when I heard there were several people who hadn't paid their school fees yet. (I only knew that because there is a $20 cleaning fee for band uniforms, and we were waiting to get that money for some of the band members.) Well, choice or not - I always pay up - so we're good for now, but you know there will be plenty more money going to the school over the course of the school year. If it's not one thing, it 's another.

Also, Cory got his schedule changed so that he's in Jazz Band. He thought he signed up for it, but it didn't show up on his schedule - same as last year. The kids have the same study hall first semester so they were talking about getting that changed, but they couldn't decide who should change. So they'll both be in the same study hall, and they will be ok.

We stopped on the way back so Beth could pick up her paycheck, and we went in so we could see where she works and met her boss. Then we stopped at the bank so she could deposit her check and so Cory could cash his birthday check. Now they're gone - headed to work, and I need to get busy washing dishes and working on laundry and all kinds of fun stuff.

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  1. Wow, those fees are crazy! I've never had to pay any sort of registration fees for my kids at school. It's interesting how different states do it differently..


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