Friday, August 10, 2007

Need a Surfboard?

I was born in southern California. Though my family moved to Illinois when I was 8-1/2, I still have a love of the beach. Of course, I don't do much on the beach but tan, read, and dive through the waves. I wonder if I had actually stayed and grown up in California, would I have learned to surf, or at least tried it? When I went back to California for college, I made friends with some people who had grown up there. They spent time on the beach. They could surf, or at least ride boogie boards. I have to admit, I was kind of jealous because I never got the chance to try. The closest I ever got to surfing was watching movies about surfing like Blue Crush and Endless Summer II. It certainly looks awesome - or is that gnarly? Ok, so I don't quite have the surfer lingo down, but I do know where to buy anything surfboard-related.

The Surfboard Warehouse, that's where. They specialize in custom surfboards (they ship completely shaped boards to customers within four to six weeks and promise delivery anywhere, even getting boards to customers while they are traveling) and have the best surf gear from the best surf companies. They have the largest selections of fins online - fcs fins and future fins, to name a couple. Also available: board bags, accessories, and t-shirts.

I think I'll have to stick with the t-shirts. I'm too old to learn to surf now, right?