Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lost Car Keys

Remember the other night when Beth called AAA because her boyfriend Tim locked himself out of his car? Come to find out, he did not lock the keys in the car. He lost the keys. They have looked everywhere and can't figure out where those keys could have gone. It really makes no sense. Unfortunately, there was no spare key so they're going to have to get a new key made. The car does not even belong to Tim. He was borrowing it from the friend he is staying with. Anyway, last night Beth had to work again, and Tim was there too. The car is still there, and he was waiting for a locksmith, or whoever can make a new key, to come. I guess the guy never came, so, when Beth came home she had Tim with her (and Kayla, who was spending the night) and they had to take Tim home.

Sometimes I wonder if all this drama is real or just stuff Beth makes up so she can do things she thinks we wouldn't want her doing. We've tried to be understanding about this boy who seems to be around all. the. time - like every day. It's not like she has to make this stuff up to see him, but it always seems like there's some kind of drama, some reason she just has to do this or do that.

Whatever. Hopefully Tim can get the key situation fixed.


  1. I can't wait for the day that Aurora brings a boy home. Her father had a t-shirt made up that says "I OWN A GUN". It should be interesting to see the reaction.

  2. G'day from Australia,

    Enjoyed that post - it's the only thing worse than locking your keys in the car!

    I'm a novelist and photographer, as well as a father and oh, yes, I work full-time as a journalist!

    I post at least four times a day on my blog - there's so much to say!

    Enjoyed your blog. Will visit as regularly as I can, while I finish off my second novel for Penguin.




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