Friday, August 10, 2007

Parent Hacks

I was browsing again - this time on Scribble on the Wall - and found a link to a site called Parent Hacks. What is it? I'll let them explain:
We parents rely on each other for quick, practical advice. Books and magazines are fine, but the real-world perspective of one’s friend, sister, neighbor, or the friend of one’s sister’s neighbor, is often the most helpful.

Parent Hacks is a collaborative website that collects and publishes parents’ tips, recommendations, workarounds, and bits of wisdom – their hacks – in a single pot so we can all partake. Here’s the stuff that would have been left out of the instruction manual...if there were one.
So, if you're looking for a tip or two, or if you have something to share, head on over there.

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  1. I am so going there! I'm having a heck of a time trying to potty train my toddler.


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