Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Should've Thought of This Before

The other day I realized that I could sign the grandparents up to receive updates from this blog via email. I don't know why it never occurred to me. I've been receiving my own blog updates for quite some time. Yes, I know, it sounds kind of weird to get a feed of my own blog, but I originally set it up in my email client (Thunderbird) with an RSS subscription, just to see how it worked. Then I really didn't think about it any more, though I should stop subscribing to my own blog and subscribe to some other people's blogs.

I forgot that FeedBurner offers the ability for people to subscribe to a feed via email, just by entering an email address. For people who spend most of their time on the computer playing Spider Solitaire, that is ideal! There's nothing complicated about it. So, yesterday I activated the email subscriptions option, added the form to my sidebar, and, to make things even easier, I went ahead and entered the grandparents' email and subscribed them. They don't have to do anything but sit back and read the email as it comes in!

The reason I decided to do this is that, these particular grandparents live far, far away, and they don't get to see their grandkids very often. Now, as a good daughter, I should be sending email and keeping them updated on what their grandkids are doing and how things are going here. But, I don't. What I actually do is post to this blog - so, if they start getting email every day when I post, it's just like I sat down and wrote them an email. At least, that's what I'm going to believe.

Now, should I sign the other grandparents up?


  1. I think blogs are such a good way for families separated by distance to stay in touch. :)

    Sorry you missed the first week of Heads Or Tails. You can jump in next week if you want. Some folks posted theirs on Monday night and others on Tuesday. :)

  2. I'm tagging you with an image meme. Come visit me to see the rules.


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