Monday, August 20, 2007

Win Recess from Campbell's

After my post the other day about collecting Box Tops and Campbell's labels (UPCs actually) I start cutting out coupons and find a mail-in certificate to get 200 bonus points for the school. All I have to do is buy 10 Campbell's products, mail in the UPCs and the receipt, and they'll mail me 200 extra points. Sounds good. Look in the coupon section of your Sunday paper to find your certificate. While you're at it, also go to and enter your school for an all-day recess with the Harlem Globetrotters. No purchase necessary. One entry per person per day. The kids will really love you if they win all-day recess!

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  1. Oh, I haven't thought of boxtops in years... I once got a World Globe doing just that. What a fun memory.
    Yours sounds more productive tho!

    Michele says hello!


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