Friday, August 03, 2007

New Jeans

The kids stopped at Walmart on the way home, and Cory got a new pair of jeans. They were on clearance for $9.50, and he says they're really comfortable. I said it was too bad they didn't have a lighter pair or something, then he could've gotten two pair, and he'd be set for a while. He said, now that he's on a budget, which he hates, he only wants to buy one pair. Otherwise he'd spend almost all his money for the month already - on just a couple pairs of jeans. I guess the boy is thinking things through. But the jeans are on clearance now and might not be there when he has more money - or they might still be there and marked down even more. Or he might find something he likes better. Whatever. He's got a couple pairs of jeans he can wear now.

I tried on the jeans he says he can't wear any more, and might just keep one of them because they fit me. How weird is that? I keep forgetting I'm the smallest one living here now - except for the kitten, and she doesn't count.